Upcoming Events

Ongoing Events:

July 13th and August 10th: 
Join us from 12-2pm for the for our Second Saturday Series. Enjoy food, fun, and more!

Upcoming Events:

June 1st: 8th Annual MINI Milkshake Run. Meet us at the dealership for a police escorted Milkshake Run to Cookout. Fit as many friends as you can in your MINI and everyone in your car gets a free milkshake. Let's show up in full force this year! Sponsored by Flow MINI of Winson-Salem and the Triad MINI Motoring Club. Sign up today. 

Previous Events: 

February 9th: Join us at Flow MINI from 12pm-2pm for the very first of our Second Saturday Events to enjoy great food from Taqueria Luciano's and live music from The Neopolitans. 

March 2nd: 7th Annual Chicken Stew with the MINI Crew. Click here for more information

April 27th. TC American VIR Race with Flow MINI Winston-Salem. 

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