Events Calendar

Join Flow MINI and the MINI community as we gather for various events this year and celebrate everything that makes MINI great!
January, 2022

MINI Breakfast and Fun Drive

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February, 2022

Paint Night With Flow MINI

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March, 2022

Customer Appreciation Day

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April, 2022

Coming Soon

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May, 2022

Mother's Day Giveaway

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June, 2022

Father's Day Giveaway

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July, 2022

MINI Takes The States

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August, 2022

Milkshake Run

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September, 2022

Grandparents Day Giveaway

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October, 2022

Trunk or Treat

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November, 2022

Chicken Stew with the MINI Crew

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December, 2022

Toy Drive and Run

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